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Open Road Summer by Emery Lord

Open Road SummerOpen Road Summer by Emery Lord

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Open Road Summer surprises a body given the possibility of all those involved, this despite the almost too-Hollywood start. The female protag is one of two- she's not so sweet, not so nice, and is only more real when she shows moments to that effect. Her best friend feels like a Taylor Swift- famous, talented, sweet and wholesome... but proves to be more as well. and it's in that last that she became complete. To be frank, it's go the best friend is and what she does that has me loving this book. Youth does not preclude her from knowing her own mind; success does not exempt her from ordinary moments of pressure, emotion, and want. Likewise, the love interest is more than the popular rock star we are first introduced to. And that's it, isn't it? That the three here are each more than first thought; this book, as a result, is more than what I'd initially pegged it as- road trip, music and friendship are all present, but frankly, the first is a minor matter- their physical movement from points A to B to C really held less weight than the more personal one they'd all embarked on.

ORS offers something different in the friendship present- the unlikely mismatch the two are becomed less the novelty, less unlikely with each moment with them- despite the contrasts in who they are, they do make sense together because/despite being so different. Plus it's when things don't go smoothly that they show oter facets to them as individuals then as a pair.

The romance is likewise remarkable. It could have become something common- rock star plus hidden pain meets girl with her own issues. Not much to the pair was as angsty as that. He knows who he is, has a charming personality but isn't limited to his moments of suave and hot. His two facets that she alludes to- the ordinary funny guy versus the guy who has the words and puts them to song are both here; the same way she's the snarky realist who's also loyal and protective and bent on doing better. In fact I take all other reasons for loving this book back--- because it's in her deciding to do better that proves her character is no no blank canvas- there's a backstory here- and not a happy one, and it's in this chapter that we see her choosing to become someone else, someone more.

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