Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Roman Holiday: The Complete Adventure (Roman Holiday, #1-10) by Ruthie Knox

Roman Holiday: The Complete Adventure (Roman Holiday, #1-10)Roman Holiday: The Complete Adventure by Ruthie Knox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s a codger, a tramp, and a tycoon- despite that, Roman Holiday is more than the makings of the joke those three hint at. The story pushed forward despite how odd, mismatched all parties were; their back stories were more than a point of contrast to who they were becoming. This was nuanced and possessed an unexpected depth.

She sees herself as no account, small time person in the face of him- larger than life, cool and smooth; so does he. He sees himself as someone with something to prove, possibly soulless, definitely heartless; so does she. But things change and there’s a peeling back of layers, each seeing something the other (and all others) fails to appreciate.

Mostly, I loved the funny- almost too funny- way things start; but also enjoyed the slow change from that to something serious. Because really, it’s them discovering what they could do and what they wanted while weighing those two against who they were and what they’d done.  It’s them seeing all else- people around them, circumstance, history, in a different light. Also, hello sexy! This was fun, and smart and unexpected depth with regard to who he was and who she chose to be.

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