Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Truly (New York, #1) by Ruthie Knox

Truly (New York, #1)Truly by Ruthie Knox

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I have a suspicion that I’m in the middle of one of those really important life lessons… I’m not just sure what the lesson is yet. It’s not a lot of fun but it’s liberating too.

Because you’re not who you used to be, but you’re not who you’re going to be yet, either.

Ruthie Knox has a knack for mixing both the truthful and the sexy. I enjoyed TRULY. One, for its characters (flaws and all,) as well as the changes that take place brought on account of their choices; and two, for the story which becomes so much bigger than the two people and all the sexy times. What we have is their growth and their choosing; what he have is her recognition of reality then fantasy then possibility. But mostly it’s how there’s INconvenient as well as the UNexpected as things progressed.

Truly isn’t brave just for the sexy, but for the change that they allow to happen and the recognition both make:

There was no black line drawn through her life, no way of making herself into a new person at a moment’s notice. There were only the choices she made, each of them separate and individual… How she felt bout it mattered far less than being honest with herself about what she wanted and what she was willing to do to get it.


It was easy to love your idea of someone – to fall hard for their very best self. The question was whether, once you had to spend some time living with their worst self, you could bear to be with them anymore.

Thank you, NG!

Man, I am loving Ruthie Knox right now.

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